April 6, 2009

GP Login Performance over Remote Desktop

Well, I'll bet you all thought I had dropped off the face of the earth. Not true! Fortunately, business has slowed a little and I'll be able to devote a bit more time to writing stuff.

So, here was the issue - I, like most GP consultants, log in to my clients' sites remotely. Recently, one of my clients changed domains and moved GP to the new domain. All was well and good for the first week or so after the domain change and then, for some unexplained reason, I was seeing login times of 10 minutes+ over RDP. Of course, I immediately guessed it was a network issue related to the domain change but none of the other apps I access over the same network were running slowly - SQL Mgmt Studio, FRx, etc were running fine. So the issue must have been with GP.

I happened to be looking in the GP folder on the server this morning because I had checked the KBs on PartnerSource for help and located KB 898982 (How to troubleshoot slow performance in Microsoft Dynamics GP) when I noticed there was a DEXSQL log in the folder. I have no idea how logging got turned on inadvertently but there was a log file almost 1 gig in size. I deleted the file, turned off DEXSQL logging in the Dex.ini file and voila - I'm a happy camper again! Performance is back to normal.

The client users in the system were not experiencing this slowdown because they have GP loaded as fat clients on their machines.

So, if you ever experience slow login via RDP - check to see if DEXSQL logging is turned on!

Until next post - have a great day.