March 16, 2010

GPTip42day - Mass Modify Chart of Accounts

This feature is very helpful if you need to copy a certain range of accounts to create a new range.  For example, let's say you need to setup a new department in you chart of accounts.  Rather than setting each account up one-by-one, use Mass Modify to set them all up at once.

Financial>Cards>Mass Modify

* click image to enlarge

The first step in the process is to select the type of change you want to make.  In this example, we choose Copy.   Then we select the origin for the description - Existing Accounts.  Next, enter the new department number in the Account Mask.  You can choose to sort the accounts in the scrolling window by account or by main segment.  You can also choose to display all accounts or just the selected range of accounts in this window.  This is just a viewing preference and has no affect on the accounts to be copied.

Click Modify.  All new accounts will be created with a department number of 15.  If there are any existing accounts that fall in that range, you will be warned that duplicate accounts exist and given the option to copy these accounts or not.  However, because GP doesn't allow duplicate account numbers, you will have only one of each account after the copy process.

After the process completes, check your chart of accounts to ensure that the new accounts were created.

Mass Modify works on Posting, Unit, Fixed, and Variable Allocation accounts.

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