September 4, 2012

PO Receipt Tolerance

Have you ever wondered why Dynamics GP allows you to receive a greater quantity of product on a PO than was originally ordered?  I seet this as a glaring hole in controlling PO receipts, and for years have suggested to Microsoft in various forums and formats that they include PO Receipt Tolerance functionality out of the box.  In fact, the functionality has been there for some time, but it was a $750 add-on available from MBS Professional Services that not many people knew about.  Now that GP2013 is going to incorporate this out of the box, the tool has been made available to Microsoft Partners free of charge for GP10 and GP2010
If you'd like to enable PO Receipt Tolerance in your company, contact your GP Partner and have them download the .cnk file and install it.  Once installed, you can set a percentage tolerance to limit over-receipts as desired.  Here's the link to the PartnerSource download -

There's a version for both GP 10 and GP 2010.  After installation, a user will get this message if they try to receive in excess of the defined tolerance -

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