September 4, 2012

Receivables Document Writeoff

This was driving me nuts last week.  I could not figure out why, no matter what parameters I used, no documents were presented for write off in Write Off Documents (Sales>>Routines>>Write Off Documents).  So, to the Dynamics GP forum I went.  Tim Williams kindly set me on the right path.  On the Customer Card, under the Options button, if Maximum Writeoff is set to zero, you won't be able to write off documents for this customer.  For this particular client, ALL customers were marked to not allow write offs.  Thanks Tim for the great tip!


Sean Valjean said...

Interesting. I am glad that you were able to get this resolved. The receivables are still kind of a mystery to me and in your situation I never would have gotten the parameters figured out.

Jak Manson said...

I am wanting to know what receivables are. My friend keeps talking about it and I want to know what he is talking about. What is it that me means?

Frank Hamelly said...

Receivables = Accounts Receivable = the amount of money your customers owe.